P U M B B A is a responsible and non-toxic skincare brand aimed at developing safe skincare products to be used on a regular basis. Check our NEW product releases, we put quality over quantity, so rest assure most of our time is dedicated to R&D, so that you never have to worry again.

The name P U M B B A is rooted in our philosophy: an easy to use, worry-free and memorable word which summarizes our brand ethos. But it was underlying positive emotion derived from this resonant word that drove us into this direction. We all have words we like and we dislike, but ultimately words that mean something to us.

We asked one of our founders what was that word that would make them budge yet chill-back and relax, and that name was P U M B B A, and so our brand name was born.

Words are triggers, and when used correctly can transform an “eh whatever” into “wow that’s it!

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No and we will never change this stance

All of our products are great for all skin types

Yes. We even encourage you to use it, as our Overnight Z-Mask helps is anti-inflammatory, helps regulate sebum production and is free of silicones which ultimately helps to curb acne breakdowns.

Yes. All our products are formulated using natural and non-toxic ingredients, and are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, glycols, aluminum, and alcohol. For full disclosure of our quality policy, please visit our Quality / Clean Policy Section

The environment is very important to us. We strive to use the most eco-friendly packaging using glass containers and recyclable cardboards, to make a lesser impact on our environment while also protecting your products while they travel from our warehouses to your door.  

Yes, all of our products meet TSA guidelines.  


We currently ship to mainland in the United States.

If you are in Puerto Rico or in any of all US territories, we can ship to you! Unfortunately, you are not cover under our free ship policy.  

We do not ship internationally at this time, but will inform you once this option in available. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to speed.

You can track your order via the link sent to you in your order confirmation email. Any additional questions please reach out to us at hello@pumbbasenses.com 

Usually not. We process all orders immediately, so please email us ASAP at hello@pumbbasenses.com and we will try to see if we can help

Please see Shipping & Return Policy for details

Yes we do! Please allow for additional shipping time for PO BOX addresses


We accept all major credit cards like MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express. Debit or Credit.

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